Villareal: The Land of My Birth (A Tribute)

by Quintina Gelera-Cabuenos

(The author is a retired District Supervisor of Villareal and served as the First Lady of Villareal for 20 years. She is an epitome of genuine service to people. She is married to Former Mayor Augusto Cabueños, the longest serving Mayor of Villareal.)

For its rolling hills and verdant plains
All through the years our food it sustains
For its beautiful islands, rivers, beaches and streams
Teeming with fishes, crabs, shells and shrimps.
We also have lato and dahunan

Seaweeds eaten best with rootcrops from the farm
It abounds around the islands, beaches and palms.

Best of all it can be told
Villa has people with hearts of gold
Hospitable, kind and respectful
Extending helping hands to all who are in need
To ease the sorrows and pains as much as they can give.

Thank you Lord for your concern
We praise You Lord, Holy be Your Name!

Those who tasted failures and frustrations
Behind them stand strong people of the town
Holding hand to support them and share
Troubles and sorrows because they care.

If not for Villa, life wont be the same
I wouldn’t surely reach the apex of my dreams
And life today wouldn’t be free of troubles
But because of Villa its contentment and leisure.

In my twilight years if you will ask me
Where I will spend the rest of my days,
No way, it’s still Villa I will prefer
Sans riches and affluence it can claim
But Villa has more to give than fame
It offers an atmosphere of security
Emotional stability and harmony with the Lord
So I can proudly shout to say
Villa is my home, a home sweet home,
For here my heart is at rest.